About us

Batho Pele Top Service’s team consist of a combined experience of 10 years plus in human resources and skills development across different industries. We offer a range of services within the human capital hub such as executive placements, specialist placements, general workforce placements (outsourcing workforce),

temporary/fixed term placements and as well as outsourcing services in training/skills development.

Our mission

Our mission is to be an organization of choice when it comes to human capital

consultancy and achieve a great footprint national and internationally. Offer the best

services to all our stakeholders and take accountability of all our involvements in all

the services rendered.

Our Motivation

We believe in always ensuring that all parties involved in a recruitment process must be 100% certified right from the beginning to the end, therefore we intend on making excellent matching on both the candidate and client’s side. Our processes are

consistently custom made to fit our clients need and in turn ensuring that candidates are always treated fairly and professionally as well.


Specialist Recruitment

We network, cold call and use referrals to acquire viable job applicants. Our recruitment specialists are responsible for screening, interviewing and placing workers, as well as keeping up to date on local hiring laws and regulations. Our recruitment specialists can find work in a variety of industries, including health care, FMCG, Engineering, Finance, IT, Hospitality as well as call center bulk recruitment. Our specialist are trained extensively on people’s management skills so to understand that not only do we act as a placement agency but we are more importantly advisers on people’s careers. Batho Pele Top Services is not about just

making placement, but helping career driven people out there make the right decisions for their next career move. Our clients can be rest assured as well that we would have done thorough background check with all our shortlisted candidates submitted to them.

Executive Search

Headhunters may also seek out and recruit other highly specialized and/or skilled positions in organizations for which there is strong competition in the job market for the top talent, such as senior data analysts or computer programmers. The method usually involves commissioning a third-party organization, typically Batho Business Top Services. Having identified a shortlist of qualified candidates who match the client's requirements, the executive search firm may act as an intermediary to contact the individual(s) and see if they might be interested in moving to a new employer. The executive search firm may also carry out initial screening of the candidate, negotiations on remuneration and benefits, and preparing the employment contract. In some markets there has been a move towards using

executive search for lower positions driven by the fact that there are less candidates

for some positions even on lower levels than executive.

Head Hunting

Headhunters may also seek out and recruit other highly specialized and/or skilled positions in organizations for which there is strong competition in the job market for the top talent, such as co-operate finance, developers, analyst etc. The method usually involves commissioning a third-party organization, typically Batho Pele Top Services. With our vast experience in headhunting and networking, we are able to identify and put such skilled incumbents in on our database, therefore making it easier for us to fill roles regarded as hard to find/fill vacancies.

Outsourcing services
(We take care of the whole recruitment process)

We understand that recruitment can sometimes be a very strenuous process to some organisations based on their structure, but because it is also the most important division/part of the business it is needed and has to be done effectively. Batho Pele Top Services has what we call “ Ur HR Team”, what this team does is, it will be taking care of your entire recruitment process as well as staff management of your employees (should you not have the capacity) at a fixed rate. The team’s sole purpose is to give our clients the opportunity to maximise on the core of their business while Batho Pele Top Services ensures that all the HR aspects within the

organisation are in order.


Sometimes we could all use a third option/opinion or a more believable individual based on their experience. As we do this every on the week, we trust that our views could be very useful to internal recruitment teams in organisation. Our potential clients and existing client have the option of only using our specialists as consultants on all their recruitment needs, right from the begging to end. We can assist in coming up with a job spec for a specific role, advertise and manage the job add, screening and shortlisting, interviews and offer negotiations. This would be a fixed retainer rates with our client.

Graduates Programmes

We pride ourselves with our graduates programs as they are one of their own kind. All our clients have got access to all our graduates at their disposal at no cost to them as we aim to defeat the unemployment rate we have on our country. Batho Pele Top Services aims to reduce the stigma that graduates are faced with, that they study and graduates only to stay at home for a year or two till such time they have to accept anything that comes their way. We have partnered with a number of tertiary institutions and continue to grow our network in that regard to ensure that we give as many opportunities as possible to our youth.

Bulk Recruitment

Our managing director is a product from this, when he started his career in the corporate world he landed his first job through bulk recruitment project with one of the biggest cellular network in SA. As he moved his way up in the corporate leader he started his recruitment career doing bulk recruitment, therefore bulk recruitment is in his genes. We offer the greatest bulk recruitment services as we have learned to master the challenges that comes with bulk recruitment based on our extensive experience with bulk recruitment. Our rates are very flexible and reasonable and our clients can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they have the best in game to deliver on their head count. Here at Batho Pele Top Services, we believe that quality and quantity can be achieved together at once with the right people doing it. With our affiliations with various organisation, training houses and our training programmes, attaining quality and quantity simultaneously is not a mission impossible.

Skills development
(various focus areas)

As an HR organisation we have identified a gap in skills with a lot of our up and coming younger generation that seeks to start their careers within the corporate world/working environment. Batho Pele Top Services has partnered with Umnotho For Empowerment to offer entry level basic training such as computer literacy training, job readiness training, and “how to” training on a quarterly bases to give the young unemployed youth of SA the opportunity to improve their skills so as to be employable. We also offer quality accredited skills development services to our clients at reasonable rates, the courses will vary based on the client’s need for skills development at that particular moment. We have partnered with accredited training houses to make sure we offer the best training courses at all times. To name a few courses we specialise in: forklift training, basic fire-fighting, first aid, health and

safety, earth moving equipment, dangerous goods, scaffolding etc.

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